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I just thought I'd give this a shot. You know, posting by mms. Good times with technology. So I did my third step with my sponsor the other day (wednesday, to be precise). It was awesome, more later :)

Well, well, well....

This isn't easy. Neither starting a new blog nor blogging about what I want to blog about today. Naturally, the two are linked, obnoxiously, so I might as well be up front. About 6 months ago I entered Alcoholics Anonymous (o0o0o0o!!). It's a long and strange and somewhat odd story of how I got there and why I've stayed with it, but those who know me well will probably understand & agree, and that's all that matters for the moment. As you can imagine, I'm not too upset about breaking my own anonymity; I hope to provide reflections and musings and ramblings on these and many, many other themes & topics (just you wait--one day I'll start on Doctor Who and not be able to stop!) primarily for my own benefit as well as any family, friends, and acquaintances interested. (That was a very long sentence; let's hope we can keep this post short >.<) I've started this new blog for a couple of reasons. One, the strongly alcoholic themes of both of