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(My) Poetry: Youtube Reading...

Yeah, I did it. And with a poem I wasn't really done with (read: hadn't actually revised). But it came out decent. I tried not to be nervous, and I tried to be prepared/expressive/natural/real and that went...well? I guess? Thanks goes out to my friend Parker who insisted, filmed, and edited the whole damn thing. We'll probably do more, just a warning.... Well, here it is along with text of the poem as of the reading (some words may differ; I'm typing what's in my pad not what I said....): I find it kind of funny How for someone like me --Renowned for the short breadth of his attention span-- How well and how long You've held it; How easily you've distracted it How vastly it's whored itself In vain fantasy Of someday Catching yours.  Through all this All these times we've lost touch You've moved away or moved back Through all the confusions & boyfriends I've still thought of you (In one way or another...). A

Not Even Terrible.

In other news, I ignored all the warnings and omens and actually watched  Disaster Movie the other night. When can I have my sight back? I've taken to watching a lot of bad movies recently--always enjoyed them since I grew up on MST3k--and I thought I was prepared. I thought I could handle any bad movie. I thought I could have fun with it. I was wrong. Very very wrong.

trying, really trying.

I've been down the last couple of weeks. It was really bad about 3 weeks ago but then "seemed" to go away only to come back really subtly in the last week or so. More of a listlessness & malaise this week. Not helpful. All the same, I "helped" my bestfriend May get a job and start thinking about apartments and now that's got  me all motivated. So even despite my malaisey-listlessness, I've managed to be somewhat productive this week. I actually applied to some places and even contemplated driving practice with mom. w0wza. Despite today's late start (noon? really??) I'm determined to apply to at least a handful more places and actually figure out this whole resume business. Maybe even do some driving if it stops raining.... 0.o