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Death of a Non-Fag.

Or a not-quite-full-force-fagmunch. However, he is dead either way. In his place stands a newer, increasingly faggy me. Woe unto the world for the loss. See, there's this sweater I've been seeing at work (American Eagle Outfitters). I really really really fucking want it. Check it out, babes *. Yes, it's $149.50. But I want it. And imma gonna get it.

What the fucker/Parker is the coolest guy ever :)

So I'm still a bit irked up in the head over a fight (?) I had with a good friend last night. I've slept on it so I feel better, but I was pretty headfucked over it earlier. I'm sure there are better circumstances to plug my best friend/roommate's fuckin neat-ass youtube work , but at least I can bring something positive out of griping about  this fight with that other friend...? maybe? So I've known Parker for a lil while now, and he's my best friend & roommate, and I fucking love this kid. Music is his life, basically; he films, edits, and sets all of his youtube videos to his own music. And they're fucking brilliant & adorkable; just the kinda people I like to be around, eh? :) Seriously, check out his stuff--he just uploaded a video last night! So I'm talking to my friend, and I tell him quite earnestly--adoring fanboy that I am--to check out Parker's stuff . But not only does he refuse to, he refuses to rather bitchily. He can

Something's up...or down.

I"m not sure what's wrong with me these days. Lately I've been getting progressively lazier, fatter, and surlier. And, no sir, I don't like it one bit. And the irksome thing is I know there are some perfectly good solutions and ways to put things on the mend , I've just been neglecting them.


My super cool, ultra sexy best friend & roommate, Parker, wrote & filmed & edited this. He also quoted one of my poems at the end, which proves he's mah bestie cuz he knows how to flatter my ego into shamelessly plugging his hotself :P

Cool kid coming through.

So guess who has a real job. That's right. Me. I worked my first two shifts at American Eagle Outfitters Friday and Sunday night, totaling up 20 hours, easy as that. I'm also getting into biking; I biked home after both those shifts. It was fun! Slightly exhausting considering I'd been doing like 10hrs of floor set shit and it turns out I had a cold (don't worry, I only feel slightly guilty for telling my coworkers it was only "allergies" my whole shift). So I'm pretty sold on the biking thing. Anything that trims my waistline and sexies up my legs/ass is a win, nevermind the whole getting-me-places bit--that's just a hot hot bonus. Speaking of sexy legs (and lips...), everyone who's coming down for the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive should come to the midnight showings of Rocky Horror at the E Street Landmark--either the night before (Friday the 29th) and/or that night (Saturday the 30th). On the 30th, we'll be doing a hot

Ugh, what.

I find it weird that my most read posts are not the lil reviews I do or even so much the more upbeat "I learned something" posts. No, it looks like the ones that have/look to have dramarama end up the most popular. I find that a bit disconcerting. Of course I base this on two posts out of the forty I've posted in the last couple and a few dozen hits out of the...well let's just say "several hundred" overall views I've had. Still, though. Even on days when the latest post is something amusing & fanciful & nice--like a snarky review of a bad movie--these older, dramatic posts will still get more views. Sigh. And certainly, it's possible there's more to it than 'drama = attention'; like, I realize a chunk of my views are just them spider-bots combing my blogs for search engine indexes. Or perhaps, too, it's that both of those posts have words like "fuck" and "suck" and "balls" and "gay"

Sigourney Weaver is PISSED. (Spacehunter)

I'm pretty sure that cyborgy-suit Michael Ironsides is wearing has something hard and sandpapery viciously shoved up his va-jay-jay. I mean seriously! Here, she's just looking smug & smarmy, but....   I actually watched this a while back and've been saving it up for a time like this--when I felt bad for neglecting the blog for a few days yet had nothing much to say. Mhm. I'm a strategerist, that I am. Anyway, I'll say this much before I forget: despite everything pining for the contrary, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone actually isn't that bad of a movie. In fact I'd say it's rather good. Still fucking hilarious to riff à la MST3k :) Which was where the title for this post came from. The first time this "Overdog" character is shown s/he does this haughty spin around to see who approaches and has this mean ole frown on his/her face. So of course, quite naturally, "Sigourney Weaver is  PISSED " just tumbled outta m

Gay boys suck balls.

My urge to poeticize this is pretty intense, however my thoughts are scattered. So there's very few people I actually despise; at the moment only one really comes to mind. The other day a boy I've really liked for a long while now--with whom I used to hook up & hang out with adorably quite a bit--informed me he was gonna go sex about with this faggot I dislike.

Oatmeal is tasty.

{slurps up berry-oatmeal-deliciousness} Indeed. I need to work on rebuilding a morning schedule. I can be zombie-like enough that I'll waste a perfectly good morning, and have often slept through many. And, really, it's such a useful time of day.

Monster A No-No.

Clever, right? Cuz cuz cuz--it's really called-- Monster A-Go Go or  Monster A Go-Go . See what I did there?! Cuz--it's really bad! Like, you shouldn't watch it bad! Bahahahahahaahah--and I'm stopping. Fuck you, at least I was amused.... XD But seriously--what does "a go-go" even mean?? Is "a no-no" really any less....meaningless? All the same--it's terrible. Like, not as bad as Disaster Movie , sure, but--dude--it's pretty fucking bad. What they did to this movie should be illegal. Like, my super awesome roommate, Parker, slept through the worst parts--that asshole--and even  he thought it was abominable. If you really must watch it, though, don't watch it without the MST3k guys' commentary. Seriously. I mean, even they had trouble making it watchable--there are parts where they just randomly invent meaningless dialogue because NOTHING WAS HAPPENING .

I guess I should be doing stuff shouldn't I. Sigh.... :)

I "couldn't" get to sleep until 3 and regained consciousness about half an hour ago. Goddamnit, haha. I'd love to beat off but my roommate's asleep just over yonder. I think it'd feel kinda weird. Oh well, if I ever date someone with a cum fetish, they'll be happy if this keeps up.... XD MEANWHILE I've been really good. My biggest dilemma is what to do if I get that office job (my therapist and sponsor both made really good arguments for it...between the hours and the pay I'm starting to agree with them more and more...). "o exploitablez!  i can haz 2 jobs--but which should I take??" As ever, that's all assuming I even get the job. But I shared at my sort-of home group last night, it's kinda hard to believe, you know? Only a few months ago, when I was still pretty new in the program, I came to the brink of wanting to hurt myself. I'd spent so many years avoiding so many responsibilities and any accountabil