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What the fucker/Parker is the coolest guy ever :)

So I'm still a bit irked up in the head over a fight (?) I had with a good friend last night. I've slept on it so I feel better, but I was pretty headfucked over it earlier. I'm sure there are better circumstances to plug my best friend/roommate's fuckin neat-ass youtube work, but at least I can bring something positive out of griping about  this fight with that other friend...? maybe?

So I've known Parker for a lil while now, and he's my best friend & roommate, and I fucking love this kid. Music is his life, basically; he films, edits, and sets all of his youtube videos to his own music. And they're fucking brilliant & adorkable; just the kinda people I like to be around, eh? :)

Seriously, check out his stuff--he just uploaded a video last night!

So I'm talking to my friend, and I tell him quite earnestly--adoring fanboy that I am--to check out Parker's stuff. But not only does he refuse to, he refuses to rather bitchily. He can't stand to watch "amateur cinema", in fact he can't even watch such things because he "can't help but wait for them to be over". Every minute wasted on amateurish videography is another minute he could have spent writing his poetry, learning lines, etc.

Turns out there was some shit goin on about his truck breaking down, but I was still hurt. I think it was an issue of respect or some such. And prolly a plethora of pitiless character defects I'm already working on, but we'll get to that in a bit if I remember to. And even with the suckiness of trucks breaking down it felt like his level and particularness of his bitchiness was unwarranted :\

So for those that don't know this about me yet, my M.O. is pretty straight forward--if I like you, know you, hang out with you, respect you, whatever, I feel utterly compelled to share all the cool shit I find with you. To put this in perspective, this is a large part of why I blog (and why I still kinda want to be a journalist....but that's another post)--I love finding out about shit or exploring shit or studying shit (lawl XD), and then sharing it with people, especially people and stuff I care about.

So I felt dissed. He didn't even say anything about Parker's stuff--he didn't even watch it, afterall--but instead categorically dismissed all "amateurish videos", Parker's hard work, and, it felt, me, in one go. And rather snarkily at that. Here I am saying, "Here, this thing is cool, and you might like it, dude!" and it felt like he was saying "haha, fuck you and your sense of taste!".

Ugh. Imma stop stewing on this now. At least I can feel better knowing that I cut out some really bitchy comments and kept the focus (mostly?) on me. That's kinda like being a grown-up, right? I may be approval seeking, insecure, codependent and other shit, but at least I can step back and (kinda?) 10th step myself, right?

Oh well, you should all go check out Parker's stuff. Nao. He's seriously the coolest guy I know and I'm fuckin lucky to have him as a best friend & roommate :)


  1. Checking it out now! I know how you feel. My husband's been in local bands forever and when people look down their noses at local/amateur work it really hits home. It's rude! Everyone was once an amateur before they hit it big.

    Anyway, I totally forgot about the word 'adorkable', which is probably a crime.

  2. Parker agrees that may in fact be a crime to forget the word "adorkable" but we both forgive you ;p Parker teased me for not mentioning we're fucking adorkable together and hang out like all the time; there was a girl who got interviewed and hired with me at AE who thought he was my boyfriend XD

    And, you know I love you dear, but it still blows my mind that you're married :P

    Meanwhile, yeah. what kinda buggers me is how personally I took this person's opinions/snobbery....oh well 0.o


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