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Rocky Horror - Better than Glee.

You know, I've routinely refused to watch Glee. Like whoa. I've seen bits, it's amusing, but not my thing. Plus how can I be a properly pretentions intellectual fag if I don't look down on & snub snobbily some ragingly popular thing?? It's just not proper decorum, really.

I'm also in a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast (website in progress, but that's us :)). Naturally, they were all excited about that Glee episode when they first heard about it; I on the other hand gave a pained smile and said "Isn't that special. I'm still not watching it."

Part of me's pretty glad I didn't, frankly. (hah! get it? like Tim Curry.)
No, this isn't going to be another of my fantabulous reviews of terrible things; well, not exactly... Afterall, I didn't watch it.

But I had heard terrible things about Glee specials & this season as a whole from my trusted pop culture critic & advisor, Michael Buckley. So I definitely didn't have high expectations. And Buck didn't let me down:

(he talks about Glee/the Rocky Horror episode at about 3:00)
So yeah. Primetime TV glamtastic fox (cw?) gheyness meets raw & dirty & sexy Rocky Horror? Eh. We (meaning the rest of the cast and I) think it did us some good--serving as free advertising for the show as we were totally sold out even in a theater twice our normal theater's size. So, yeah...that's kinda good, right?
I will add one thing Buck didn't mention: so they censored, as Buck mentioned, "Toucha"--changing "heavy petting" to, like, "sweating" and stuff. Okaaaay.... But even with those apparently particularly offensive lines "fixed" the song as a whole is pretty "offensive", I should imagine. If you look at the rest of the lyrics, you'll realize what a pointless fail that effort was. For example, the refrain:s
Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night
and the lines right after the first refrain are:
And if anything grows, while you pose,
I'll oil you up and rub you down
...slut. But back to the point; how much did they actually accomplish taking out those lines when the song as a whole is a flagrant, shameless sexual proposition of a slut shirking off the constraints of abstinence because sex is fun!? 
Personally I could care less, but if TV censors are gonna insist on being being prudish bitches, they should at least try to do it right. Sigh.


  1. i do give you that it was stupid they even tried to censor it. but if the writers did censor the hole thing and made it for kids then frank would turn into a a mad scientist that isnt a tranny he would be just a normal man haha
    and that sucks for rocky fans i wouldnt even have watched it if they did that
    ive also noticed that different radio stations have different rules. i remember hearing the same song on different radio stations and both of them had different censors. same goes with tv networks. mtv true life can show a full tit shot and fox cant say heavy petting hahaha


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