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Serious Business, People. Seriously.

So, the time has come. Or, rather, I've made the time come. Because I goddamned feel like it.

So anyway: I think I want a (proper) domain name for this blog. And I want your input/thoughts. Now, you fuckers. Not later--NOW.

I'm impatient!

So, yeah--DO IT FAGGOT. Gimme feedback.
(\/ \/ \/ yeah, you should prolly read/skim the rest of the post... \/ \/ \/)

So, I've really fallen in love with the name I've given this blog. It started as one very dorky post, whose name I liked so much I made it the name of my whole blog. So, following suggestions for domain-name-picking, I'd like to get

Frankly I don't see myself getting any less dorky. (Hey, those of you who used to read my blog back in high school--it was pretty dorky then, too, right? Also emo, frenetic, and probably a bit terrifying at times, but certainly capable of mass dorkiness, right?)

One concern, though, is what if I drift into topics that aren't as dorky? or otherwise start to emphasize some other interest? (But, honestly, how many of my interests am I not dorky about...?) Like sex or poetry or so forth....

Along that track, though, I suppose,, does that name really cover who I am/what my blog is all about? Is it an adequate representation of myself, my shit, my interest, my musings, etc...?

Part of why I'm asking all this is that I just don't know. For example, I know I'm a dork, but I'm probably unaware of 2/3 of my dorkiness; I just dork. I dork, therefore I am. It may later occur to me, "Wow, that was goddamned dorky. Lawl." but usually I originally dorked it because it amused me in some way, not because it was dorky. Which is, I suppose, perhaps the essence of what it is to be a dork....

It's the same with other things, too. Like with a lot of my rants and reviews and other topics/stuff, I just follow the fascination. (hey! that could be a sexy domain name, XD) So point is, I may not be as aware of what my blog comprises as some of you who've been reading it, even just occasionally.

There are a bunch of other little considerations, too; mostly issues of pure vanity. For example, I'll probably have to go around everywhere I have this blog imported/linked and correct the address, etc. I might be lucky and blogger will still let the old url connect to the blog, but I'm not entirely sure. I suppose I could look it up.

However, this post has largely been written out of larger, less vain considerations. I can be apprehensive at times by nature especially with major(ish) decisions & commitments, and this is a pretty big committment. I don't want to regret it, and fearing regret has paralyzed me with indecision in the past (hm, "fearing regret" should have gone on my fears list back in step 4.... >.<). But that's part of why I'm asking y'all's input. I doubt it'll make the decision for me, but it'll give me some more concrete answers to work with than all these more abstract, intangible questions haunting me....

Some of you may be wondering why I'm even making these considerations at this point. Well, for one, it's the cool thing to do these days; all you other bloggers seem to have one, goddamnit, and I don't wanna be the only loser with "" at the end of his blog's url. Also, increasingly, this blog is coming to represent a more mature, professional version of me (not much difference, really, I suppose,, but still!) and I'd like to reflect that with the sort of accoutrements of a grown up person's blog. Alongside that, as I talk to people about my writing (or even apply for writing type jobs! gasp!), I'll likely want to give them my blog's name since such a significant amount of writing goes into it. The vast majority of my writerly efforts--I'd say at least 80%--over the last 8 years or so has gone into blogging (mainly the old blog, that is; this one's still coming into being....).

So let me know what you think. I'll prolly make my decision, however foolhardy, sometime today or tomorrow ("but I want it nooooow!"). I have the money to buy the domain name (yeah, all $10 bucks needed... SUCH A COMMITMENT! XD), so that's not a problem. It's just a question of what and why.


  1. Well, I'm here to stay (not sure if this is good or bad). Happy to be here (I awkwardly feel right at home) - Wendy

  2. I don't have a domain name :(
    Go for it. You're a dork. I remember high school vividly. You oozed dorkiness through your fleece vests.

    Okay, so is it just me or does blogging seem almost to conflict with "traditional writing"? Does that make sense? Okay. For example, there are things I write that I don't blog about because I'm saving them for...I don't know what. Something. I'm thinking I'm just going to dive in and throw everything on my blog. Guh.


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