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Glasses A Go-Go.

Oh, so did I mention my glasses arrived Wednesday? I somehow doubt I did.... There's been a lot going on--which hopefully I'll get to blog about some this weekend--so I guess I forgot. Also, had no power Thursday. Snowmergency, 2011!!! Meanwhile I'm loving them. Still getting used to them but actually I often forget they're even on. That is until I realize I'm looking at something with more clarity than I'd ever dreamed possible. That's when it hits me. The world has shapes and stuff. And lines. It's kinda nuts. Also, amazing. I think I'm gonna get addicted to the geometries of every day life, man. That's how sweet this is. Today is my first real venture out into the real world with them. I'm not gonna count the snowmergency rescue attempt (definitely blogging about that one later...) cuz it was dark and snow got all over my glasses so they didn't make much of a difference. However, today, I'm heading down to Dupont Circle, to

Wait is that a....

....d20? wtf Oscar! I am judging  you now. For shame, man. For shame. :P So I'm hanging with my friend Oscar at his place, right? And it's pretty readily apparent he's a dork, in a pretty gentle fashion. Pokemon memorabilia, an 8in model of Nightcrawler , a TI83 lying around...nothing too  dorky, right? And then I see a lil clear plastic box, and it's got dice in it. So I'm like, "Oh, so he's a craps man..." but then I look closer...and see a goddamned d20, d12, d10, the full fucking D&D gamut. Of course, I'm totally allowed to judge him. For one, he's my friend, and for two, I used to be a pretty bad D&D nerd myself. I of course outgrew it. By which I mean I couldn't find anyone to play with. Sigh. Still, though. Leaving those things just lying around for anyone to see. For shame :P


So I'm taking Parker's shift at AE since I got him sick. Also becauses I desperately need the hours. I've been so freaked out since I got that statement from Sallie Mae; I owe them a lot . It has me scared all over again, just as I thought I'd begun to figure out all that money shit. At this point I'm probably going to get a forebearance on the Sallie Mae stuff and consolidate the other 50 loans and try to get those payments graduated or some such. I want to pay of  some of these loans. I'd feel too irresponsible otherwise. So I'm gonna do some quickish workout then head in early; maybe call up Sallie Mae and get some concrete facts. Hm...... ...aaaand, sigh. I'm so tensed up over this. Sighfucksigh. Money scares the shit out of me, and here it's complicated by being in several different loans and to multiple institutions. So it's a lot  and hard to keep track of >.< I guess now's a good time for what they call "spiritu

Show me the CARFAIL! (The Car)

Some of you may have noticed that I've reviewed mostly 80s movies. There's a pretty simple reason for this. I found some a torrent of 80s sci-fi cheese called “Return of the Cheese”. So, in short, laziness . This week, though, I'm doing something crazy . We're gonna scroll it back to 1977 because a torrent for “The Car” was simply too tempting. Now, if it'd been uploaded with its Canadian name, “Deathmobile”, I'd have probably reviewed long before now. The Car actually isn't that bad a movie. Its premise is kinda dumb, and its logic weak, but overall it isn't terrible. It's certainly no The Green Slime or Hobgoblins , but it's still pretty damn funny.

Momentary lapse of insanity.

Well, I just had a moment. Well, a sorta moment. Fine, it was a moment. You happy? It was nothing special, even possibly something I'd realized before and forgotten. It was one of those things for which other people in the program might give me a polite smile, an understanding nod, and say "Jeez, you're finally catching on to that one?".

Lost in space...and meaning.

So I've been certifiably sick for at least 36 hours. Apparently that brief cold I had last weekend wasn't done with me. Mother duckers. I really hate being sick. Much as I love being able to laze around, I hate feeling so shitty that I have no choice but to laze around. Also, snot pisses me off. It gets on everything and everywhere, it fills up my head and fucks with it, it drips down my throat and makes me cough and talk funny, and other times it turns my nose into a running faucet of grossout. Not. Cool. But. I can't just leave this a whiney post about being sick. That's rather vain. Even if I have to run through the entire "list" of "questions" I sometimes use to draw out nuggets of usefulness, by God, I will make this post worth reading! ...or my head's too full of snot & tired to care. That may also be. At least you all know about how much I loathe snot. That's important, I'm sure. By the way, this has to be the 5th o

Blue Boringers.

I'm afraid I'm turning boring. I swear I was hanging out with a guy last week and the most impressive thing I could do was explain the subtleties of American Eagle's customer service policies. Today I meandered the internet aimlessly in search of porn and pointedly avoiding certain chores. I haven't watched Doctor Who since the Christmas special; and even besides that I've let my catching up on old Doctor episodes fall by the wayside. I feel like the only thing I do besides work and meetings is sleep. And jackoff. And blog. That might make me a little more interesting. What's frustrating is today I had a choice. I realized it in all its plainness and choiceyness. I could either take right action or nap. I napped. The good news is it's getting harder to resist facing that choice. Something in me is changing. I just wish I didn't feel so boring while I wait for it to happen.

"Light Drive" - Parker's new video!

That dork; he's so proud of hisself cuz he shot the video, wrote & recorded the music, and posted the whole thing all in about 5 hours. Actually that's pretty sweet. Congrats to mah roomie/biffle ^.^ There's some pretty sweet guitar work; pretty much awesome. Mhm.

It has the bacony smell of Canada all over it. (Big Meat Eater)

This week's Bad Movie Monday review is a bit different. Not only has it almost been posted on a Monday--it's Tuesday! :D--but, and brace yourselves, folks, it's a  vlog   This week I reviewed Big Meat Eater. Here's the review and here's a strangely optimistic one explaining all the Canadianness. Oh yeah, kids. This is really happening. Thanks to Parker for his help (ie, slave labor) editing. Hopefully this'll give the review a more...digestible size. Also, prove to everyone I'm fucking weird/sarcastic/awesome. ALSO! Those are not my new glasses. Those were just some smarty-pants reading glasses I wanted to wear because it was the 4th take and I was tired and feeling grouchy.

There's a light in the darkness of everybody's life.

This one'll be a quickie, I swear. I really can't afford to have y'all charge any extra.... So my manager was getting rid of a light-fixture-thing from the store and thought of Parker and me. She figured a creative person or two could find all kindsa neat ways of using it. Instead, she ended up with us. Kidding, far as I could tell it's some kind of 'light box'. You'd set it up and, possibly?, set it up with, like, letters...and stuff....and it would light them up? maybe? Unfortunately my manager threw out all the stuff on how to set it up--and what the fucker's even supposed to look like when it's all set up. Joy So my friend and I haul ass to get it all the way back to my house. It's heavy and it's big. We had to put down his back seat and force it through the trunk. So we get it home. After some fuss, Parker and I pop the rest of the cardboard box open and take a look at the.....disappointment. My guess is we'r

4evah 4eyes.

I've been a life long dork, in case you hadn't noticed. But I've always felt like something's been missing from my stereotype.... Glasses. And, finally, I'm gonna get some. In a couple weeks, I'll be complete. I just don't know if I can wait that long.

Oh, for Heaven's sake!

Everyone's been bitching about the "new" Zodiac in the last day or so, and it's really making my skin crawl. I'll be frank--I've always viewed astrology as a harmless, amusing pasttime and with idle curiosity. I've nothing against it nor the people who eagerly look up their horoscope every day. But it's this shit people are whining about that's got me grinding my teeth. " The old zodiac was fine--why did they have to change it!?! ", " I was born a Pisces--and I'll die a Pisces! ", " Fucking astronomers... ", and so on. Learn some fucking science. Or, if that's too much, how about learning some facts, at least. It'll put the whole thing into a much clearer perspective. I'll link to this blog post again because between the main post and the author's updates, it covers pretty much everything. These astronomers did nothing to the zodiac. Nature & physics have  been doing this for the

Pneumonic Irony.

I'm such a terrible person, but at least I can laugh about it. Do you remember Lamb Chop as well as I do? Watch as much as you like, but what gets me is right around 18 or 20 seconds in: See, funny thing, Shari Lewis died of pneumonia. Lawl. I bet Lamb Chop's really missing her now.

Crapozoids. (Creepozoids)

Yes! It's finally here! Bad Movie....Wednesday. Yeah, Monday's overrated some of the time. It's the weirdest feeling when Sunday hits--"Oh shit, dude, it's Sunday ! Do you know what that makes tomorrow??  Bad Movie Monday !! " This week, I'm reviewing the ultimately pointless Creepozoids . That link goes to a rather good synopsis/overview/reaction for the movie. I don't feel like recapping it myself because the (joke supposited as) plot pretty pathetically unremarkable. Read it, though. It's quick. And amusing. So instead of recapping plot, I'm going to poke at some of the more annoying--ie, hilarious--parts of the film.

Not that kind of miracle!! XD

Since I've started with a new sponsor, we've started back at my first step. (Pretty typical) I don't mind it too much except that my homework assignment's been a bit frustrating. Not even sure why. In the first step, you find that gift of desperation that motivates a truly honest and earnest program. At the least, it pins down just how bad and miserable we were before trying to work a program. So often we only remember & long for the good times. In short, it's the answer to "Why the fuck am I even doing this?". So after a day of reflection, sponsor time, a meeting, and so on, my head was in a bit of a strange place Friday night. See, as I said I'd already been struggling with this first step, but then I struck on at least one very painful but very powerful summary of part of my first step. Then things got weird. And actually kinda funny, too.

Don't make me finish it, pt. 2. (Multi-Facial)

I'll post later fur reelz, but I wanted to say I did end up finishing Multi-Facial . Not surprisingly it's got a non-ending sort of ending. Somehow I couldn't imagine Vin mustering the creative assets to actually write an ending. Scratch that, I couldn't have imagined him mustering the creative assets to write  anything , but apparently he wrote this. And directed it. And produced it. Not that it's any kind of accomplishment. Afterall he raps . Seriously. Watch it. It's about a minute into that upload. You cannot imagine how bad it could be until you've seen it; it's much worse. As I mentioned before, the whole thing feels like he's jerking himself off real nice and slow. Every scene someone says "Oh, you're very good!" even though he never gets cast in anything. That plus his (character's) insistence on being an ACTOR --he compares himself with various Greats in acting. At one point a girl he auditions with suggests he try out

What the bargle.

So I hadda epxlain to Parker what "bargle" meant/was from . Apparently I hadn't. lulz. For the record, I love that entire comic/project. Those guys are/were nuts and I kinda wanna be like them when I grow up... Anyway, onto the point.....

lol what - and yay!

We'll get to the lulz in a second but first...I gotta brag a bit. "brag" may be a bit overwrought a word, actually, but still. I'm fucking stoked, dude. See, I ordered a wireless keyboard for my computer, and it arrived yesterday. And it works like sex on toast, baby. My old keyboard was just that--old. And wired. The latter wasn't such a bother until I set up the new desk, as you'll understand in a just moment. Meanwhile the keys stuck--don't even start--and made a shitton of noise (I only fully realized how obnoxious this was when I started using the new keyboard) and otherwise looked ugly and out of place. Also, I had a plan. See, the middle bit of the new desk's desktop is actually a flap that lifts up to reveal....well, a space. A sort of drawer. A place to put things (away), like, oooooh....say....a wireless keyboard & mouse when they're not in use/not needed? Oh yeah. It looks fabulous when everything's put away. So yeah, th

Musing on Ruminations.

I just got a write-up third hand on ADHD and negative thoughts. I'd read things like it before, but this one by Beth Main, CAC , an ADHD coach, gave me pause for thought. And an idea for a blogpost. Cuz I'm a cheap bastard like that :D I've long had problems with getting stuck in infinite loops of negativity. Joy. There have been bunches of reasons for it over the years, but I'd never known it was actually a symptom of ADHD. Specifically, they're called ruminations , and are apparently quite a common symptom. In the write-up, Beth gave some suggestions on how to break the rumination cycle. I thought I'd take a moment to mention a few in a personalized context and maybe add one or two of my own. Journal. I do journal (when I can find my damn journal....), but obviously I also blog. A lot. When shit gets to buggin' me, I sometimes blog about it. I've tried this for many years but with recent developments this has turned into something of an actually

Don't make me finish it (pt 1?). (Multi-Facial)

I'm perfectly aware what a judgmental asshole I can be. But I'm also quite capable of being open minded. That's the only way I could have watched as much of Vin Diesel's short film Multi-Facial as I did. Actually, it was somewhat interesting. Apparently he can kind of act. And has, like, principles. Or his character, Mike, does. Whichever, it's transparently himself. I think he wrote it himself, too. So yeah, surprisingly somewhat interesting and watchable. Right up until he started rapping.

Belated resolutions, pt 2.

Ugh, I did say I was gonna do this, didn't I? Part of me would rather be...well I don't have anything else I could be doing, I guess. Well, yes, I do, but who actually wants to do laundry? I could at least be writing about that thing...or this other... Fine. Resolutions.

Belated resolutions. Pt 1.

So, two days into the new year and finally bothering to work out some resolutions. And ya wanna know why? Because everyone else is doing it. As I mentioned yesterday , I kind of forgot about New Year' it shouldn't surprise anyone that I didn't do much preparation for this kinda post. You know, note cards of reflections and annals of resolutions, whittling them down to a pristine post of sublime art and form and....yeah. Not happening. However, I'll still BS what I can in 30 odd minutes and see what happens. Actually I think it should turn out well. Let's find out:

mini-BULLETTIME: Some ups & downs of a sober New Years Eve.

So yeah, I almost forgot New Years' was up & coming until about Wednesday. So I made some last minute plans based on what I found out from friends. There was some play and then a dance after; I couldn't afford the play, but the dance was free so naturally I crashed that part of the festivities. so, bullettime--in brief: up: I had a fucking blast by the end of it. Danced in the New Year, kissed people (only pecking; a bit lame, I guess, but hotter than nothing), and otherwise enjoyed myself quite exhuastively. down: Despite appearances, I can be painfully shy. I ended up meandering the snack/coffee area for like 20minutes because I knew no one. Well, almost no one; the few I did know kept disappearing on me.... up: I eventually did find some people I knew. After talking for a while we got to the dancing. We rocked that place hard core. down-ish: I guess I didn't get much better at breaking out of my shell.... down-ish: Hell, I still struggled, as usual, to get int