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so I took a nasty spill on my bike yesterday. I sprained my wrist (i hope...). i;m heading down  to the local emergency clinic in a few to find out what's up and what to do. funny part: so i was supposed to do 4 hours of shipment at AE today. that's basically sensoring & folding a couple hundred clothes. not happening, not with this wrist--i can't even open ziplock bags. my manager's cool with it, i  just need to find someone to cover me. so the funny part: she texts me last night "be sure to get a note from your doctor". XD

As I'm going.....

I'm worried that all the time I spent trying to figure out vlogging and shit has cut into time I could--and honestly should--have spent on tomorrow's Bad Movie Monday review. Like, I haven't even decided what movie I'm reviewing. Goddamnit. And I was getting so good at this time management thing. Meanwhile, I'm beginning to feel confident about where these vlogging attempts have gotten me. Parker's gonna hiss something about linux sucking, but I'd been having trouble with the sound not syncing or frame rate/image sucking. Frankly I think most of *my* linux problems derive from the open-source experimental driver I'm using for my nvidia card. That or linux hasn't conquered the quadcore processor yet. Threading issues. Messy. But the last couple attempts I did last night came out pretty alright, I thought. I'll have to dress-rehearse it with the better lighting, angle, location, etc, to really see but at least it  looks a little nicer. Somed

Brief updates.

So I'm about 50% (really more like 30%, but who's counting....) to sorting out this vlogging thing. Suffice to say that this week's Bad Movie Monday will likely not be a vlog. The problem isn't so much the vlogging itself. Lord knows I'll talk anyone's ear off if left unchecked, and I talk to myself plenty enough to feel comfortable talking to a webcam. No, the trouble has been more in the filming (I'm not sure if it's the camera, the program(s), or the computer, but there have been some irksome issues.) and the editing (it scares me.). Gonna hafta work on both parts of that.... Meanwhile!, I can feel some sexy Doctor Who posts brewin'. At the least a 'page' along the side justifying why I think it's basically the most amazing show/phenomenon/thing ever. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


On my way home at the moment. I'm thinking a good chunk. No, not the sorta hardcore reflection I undertook earlier today. Just brainfarting out some thoughts. For one, I'm trying to decide what movie to review for Monday. I have a couple in mind. Some of them could be a lot of fun to review but I'm leery of having to rewatch them. Yes, that awful. Others are actually decent if not outright good movies I actually *enjoyed* on their own, but I'm worried I've reviewed too many of those recently--I may even have to change the name from "Bad Movie Mondays" to "Not-Always-That-Awful-Movies-Reviewed-On-Some-Weekday-Other-Than-Monday Mondays". Still I could do something kinda interesting with some of I'm also considering posting it as a vlog again, much like I did for BIG MEAT EATER. Except I'm feeling ambitious and want to try editing it myself this time. This may require some practice vlogs, not that my otherwise much neglect

Ah, memories

I was reflecting on the movies in this week's BMM review. Redneck Zombies , in particular. See, it was part of how this whole bad movie thing started out for me. I mean, I'd literally grown up on Mystery Science Theater 3000, so finding mirth in awfulness wasn't new to me. But actually trying my own hand at that kind of amusement? That's much newer. See, this all started last summer, right after the Grand Blackout of 2010, when we lost power for a week. Some friends stayed over to keep me company/ sane. After we got power back, one friend, Pixel, announced a powerful craving for zombie movies. So I  found a nice zombie collection on demonoid. It had many fantastic sounding films to watch, but Redneck Zombies stood out. That zombie collection combined with emboldening experience of seeing The Room in a theater with other hecklers got me started on this whole Bad Movie Monday review track. Ah, memories. Some time later, I can't remember how much, I acquired

What to do.

I'm tired-ish. Kinda wanna workout. Severely bored. Still stuck on train for at least 10mins. Dance party? Hm, maybe next time. Still, I hate feeling restless. It's really very not good for me. I do stupid shit when I'm feeling restless. Like blow off 9hours solid on.....well, not just internet porn........ Stop judging me, I'm tired. At least I did something responsible tonight and feel oodles better for it. Still....amidst the modest sense of accomplishment lurks/lingers a rude restlessness. Urging me. To what is unclear, but it's there, like a little itch at the back of my head. (That was half a reference to/rip off of a Doctor Who line. Sex favors for anyone who figures out what episode and context it's been removed from.) Anyway, I got the Bad Movie Monday out remarkably on time this week. The only reason it wasn't posted last night was I still had to figure out which screen caps to use. And then I stayed at work until 2am instead of a health

Hicksploitation Hell! (Redneck Zombies, Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon)

One of these days I'll actually bother finishing that Schlock! documentary about exploitation films . Because most every movie I'll likely review here will prolly be some kind of exploitation or another. I've already reviewed a drugsploitation , some STDsploitations , and even an automobilesploitation . Best character. (CftHL) This week I'm looking at two hicksploitation flicks. God help us.

Rot Damn.

Ugh, where the F! did these allergies come from? >.< It's stuffing up my head and everything. So Parker and I worked extra late last night at AE. Manager's back from vacation and was kinda apalled at the state of the store. Apparently Parker & I are trusted to fix such things :) I guess that's good at least; sucks that we hadda have a setback like that during the week of our store's audit. Yesterday I officially started playing (?) foursquare . Goddamn, I'm just shoring up my life with soul-stealing extraneity. I discoverd that most of Wheaton apparently isn't on foursquare. I kind of wanna explore & conquer. I mean.......conquer. Oh, so last week! I led a meeting :) It was my first time, and I was kinda freaked out about it, but it went really well :) I chose "insanity in sobriety" for the topic, partly because I'm working the 2nd step (allegedly, at least >.<) and because I've been very aware of my crazy the last few

Hoorah for vulnerability!

It's articles like these that don't much faze me. Mainly cuz I'm nerd enough to already know some of this stuff. Also, it makes a callout to a WEP hacking software platform I'm more than slightly familiar with *ahem*. No, not the main thing they're talking about in the article--Firesheep. No, just good ole Aircrack-ng. I mainly use it to get some internets when I need'em and don't have a WEP key for any of the available wifi networks. There are ways of using Aircrack-ng and related software to steal people's identities and passwords and stuff, but that's hardly what I'm interested in (or knowledgeable enough about XD). Anyway, so I'm not all that surprised to hear that, yet again, there's some big ugly weakness--privacy or otherwise--readily present in the internets. Just knowing and playing with and reading up on Aircrack has taught me plenty about the pitfalls of internet/cyber security. I will admit that I'm somewhat surpris

Bullettime!: First thing's first....

The last week has gone by really slowly/terrifyingly easily. At the same time. Mildly unsettling. I need to get moving. Do stuff. It's grey outside. And dark down here. I can't wait to move out. I'll get so much more done, I'm sure of it. Ironically I won't be able to move out until I start getting more done. Life can be such a bitch, eh? So, I need things! Ergo, BULLETTIME! stand up. turn on lamp (light helps?). get coffee. (optional: make to-do list/post-its.) get more coffee. lots more.  edit Bad Movie Monday review. schedule auto-post for BMM. eeeerrr......... make bed? I'll have to consult that to-do list/post-its to figure out what else needs doing. I should put that on my to-do list.... Oh! Addendum! look for jobs/form some kind of plan workout fill out loan shit go to work! early! moar!  It's funny how easily those things escape me when I'm not paying attention.

Hoorah for Internet paranoia!

I noticed, for the umpteenth time, that sometimes when I'm watching youtube videos the bar along the bottom of my Opera browser would show up with something like "receiving data from". Bored enough with nothing better to do, I looked it up on google. The top result was a delightfully paranoid how-to to disable  from spying on you with your own webcam and microphone . { le sigh XD} Life was already feeling pretty blessed with just that much--delightful paranoids--until I read this glorious comment schooling the paranoid on his uncleverness. I like smart people. Especially when they school ignorant people. I had to laugh a little at how none of the other commenters seem to bother reading that, albeit refreshing, tl;dr comment. Oh well. Yay! Double lulz!

This is how I do it.

So I got a twitter account the other night. Took me a while to come around, mostly because the whole thing scared/scares me. And baffles me. Well, no more! Afterall, I'm a dork, and I'm not afraid to use it. So, the setup, right: bafflement/fear. I'd look at tweetings reposted on people's blogs--heaven forbid actually seeing twitter itself--and be overwhelmed by lotsa @'s and #'s everywhere. So I ended up getting it, right? Still had no idea what I was doing. Yeah, I know, twitter's fairly simple. Type, tweet, joy. Except those damn @'s and #'s and RT and #FF and other shit. Not one to be behind the pack, I did what any good dork would. I googled it . Seriously. On my blackberry, at the laundromat. And now--3 days later--I'm apparently some kind of burgeoning #twittermonster...? Yay! Point is, this is the hardcore dork approach. Throw yourself at it, headfirst and giddy, and charge onward. And do your goddamned best. Brave heart,

A quick aside--

--mysteriously enough, I posted a short rant/comment on an article on my tumblr . Why I posted it there I may never know. Actually it's probably because I'm still figuring tumblr out. Anyway, I want to half-retract my comment. It was more of a question, I guess. Anyway it's the part where I was saying Like, i get the point about SEO [gaming]. That makes sense, but what I’m not so clear on is what he means by “discovery”. Sure, this “navigation” complaint is fair and I guess probably true in a number of ways; but what’s this lost enigma of “discovery”? and how has it been lost? See, I'm still not sure exactly what he means in the broader sense, but I've definitely had a taste of google getting "gamed". Half the time I search around for torrents of some of the more obscure (bad) movies I wanna watch, I'll get 3 different versions of the same scam-ish torrent site/database. I'm sure they're great when what you're looking for is easier to fi

Just taking a moment to qualify myself as a Dork....

This is how I can dork up a discussion of philosophy/sociology even more : (02/16/2011 06:33:54 PM) Palmer: oh god (02/16/2011 06:33:54 PM) Palmer: so (02/16/2011 06:34:08 PM) Palmer: i was just having a discussion with a friend about the morality of eugenics (02/16/2011 06:34:26 PM) Palmer: and managed to whip out two fuckin doctor who quotes (02/16/2011 06:34:34 PM) Palmer: even tho my brain is starved for food and turning loopy from it Go ahead, try and kick me when I'm down. I may be thinking in colors instead of words right now, but I can still summon up Doctor Who wisdom and use it seriously to defend/make my point. Also, who the fuck deliberately engages debates of eugenics in any place other than a classroom? Dorks, that's who. Also, " Hillbilly Hell " is coming along. Kinda. Rewatched one redneck movie, rewatching the other.  I'd forgotten how much hatred I could find for both movies. This is really hard, guys. Bear with me. Also! My

Holy heckholes! News & a preview!

So, my post over on is up and ready to be read! :D I feel so loved. Laugh goddamn you. Read it and LAUGH!!! Also, building up the courage to write another comparison post for Bad Movie Monday, like that STD's in Space one , only this time comparing two hillbilly-based exploitation films. Er, less the "courage to write the post" as "the courage to re-watch the movies". These are not going to be easy to watch again. Actually I'd kind of written them off, especially Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon which although amusing in a way wasn't much to sneeze at. Also,  Redneck  Zombies was my first Troma film. It's a bit...kooky. And then, tonight, I remember making recommendations to a friend. I'd just watched Lagoon , and ended up comparing it with Redneck . The review basically writes itself from there. So I hope to have this worked up sometime tonight. First, I need some cartoons and comfort popcorn. If it turns out I c

Sit still, brain.

Ugh. Two days without my ADHD med and I'm flipping balls, man. Like, as usual, that first day was full of sleep. I literally slept all day. But by about the second day (today), that part of the withdrawal has waned and what I'm left with is a brain on crack. Ironic, since it's just lacking its speed. Point is I want to do things. Not a lot of things or anything terribly important, I suppose. But like, I wanna write this serious-ish blog that I've had kinda in mind since Saturday, or like workout, or stuff like that. But my brain just  won't . It's like. Oo, that's a song! Oo, my hat fits funny--off with hat!! Oo, kitty! Oo, there are tabs in my webbrowser! Oo, WTF, my slipper's on the wrong foot--or is it?! Let's find out! Oo, I miss my hat--put it back on, backwardsways! Sigh. Thankfully I'll have my meds again by the time I start work. So I'll be mostly normal again. Still. Goddamnit. Goddamned ADHD.

Holy recognition, Batman!

So I've been asked by my friends over at to become a contributor! We'll see how long that lasts, but it's extremely flattering all the same that someone believes I have something to contribute to something :) Anyway, I'll be sure to link to my first post once it's up. Until then, I gotta do some stuff! Serious  grown up stuff! :D

I suck at biffling. And lifing.

So Parker sent me a super concerned email last night. Apparently I've been really letting him down lately. Can't say I'm too surprised. Let's face it: I've been anxious/depressed for at least 2 or 3 weeks now. I'm not even sure why. Maybe because it's February. Maybe it's those goddamnedfuckingshitlicking loans. Maybe it's having to look for another job. Again. Maybe it's feeling like a useless sack of-- {breathe, breathe...} I can't say I'm too happy with myself either. I've been giving over to 'self-will' so much lately, it's shameful. Naturally, I'm feeling more than a little guilty and stupid and weak, but--as usual--I'm much too prideful to dare admit it or ask for help. It's a fun position to wedge oneself into, I can tell ya that. One of the tricky, cruel things about self-will is how self ish it is. (Haha! See how clever that was!? Oy.) I tend to hurt the people I love and who love me. Like Par

Yeah, about that.

Apparently the lazy fail continues! I should really do that bad movie review. But I'm not. (Yet.) Instead I wanted to unveil the (static!) pages visible & available in the side bar. Oh yeah. They're happening. Right here. Right now. This is actually relevant to the bad movies, fyi. See, one page lists bad movies I've seen/remember seeing and has links to any reviews I've done of them. Yup. It could probably use some tidying up but it exists and is much like a bad movie review. Kinda. Yeah!

I LOL'd.

For the record, I still haven't seen Inception . However, I've seen at least two hilarious parodies of/using  Inception . The first makes fun of  The Room , a movie that really needs no-making-fun-of-ing and yet totally begs for it. The second I just discovered on a friend's blog, , and makes fun of Dora the Explorer .

What the Nova...

See, I hardly understand the whole prince of Persia weirdnesses, but the combination of a (polite) Lady Gaga Parody and the sheer presence of LisaNova made me very happy. I'm sure I'm just suffering from the initial giddiness, but I'm till gonna post this shit.

You guys rock.

So I was looking through my blog stats last night as I sometimes do (read: do obsessively. as in, all the time .), when I saw something that made me giggle.   Do you see what it is that made me laugh out loud? Sometime during the past week, some extremely awesome person actually looked up my blog on their Nintendo DSI. I don't even care if it was an accident or whatever, it just made me giggle. As in guffaw. Whoever you are, you are awesome. You totally get dork props for that one. Also, something else made me just plain proud of you guys. You sad fools who actually read my foolishness. I mean--you brilliant elite who read the hard-wrought beauty I crank out on your behalves.....yeah....   In the last month, the number of you using firefox while scoping out my blog wonderfully outweighs that of those of you still using internet explorer. Congratulations! You have smartness! Let that be a lesson to those of you still using IE: stop. Using firefox instead will get me to love

Lazy fail.

So I've "discovered" a new way to come up with Post Ideas when my brain is dead. Random phrase generator . Oh yeah. Set the noun to "average" and you'll get some hot ones. However, tonight it appears my brain is just too dead. It musta been all that ice skating last night. Er, learning to ice skate. Yeah. I doubt that graceless excuse I was perpetrating on ice really counted as  skating , per se. So, yeah, that and all the 3rd step ideation that inspired. I'll hafta write about that later, too.... So, yeah, tonight my brain's just too dead to do much of anything. I know I need to rewatch the/a bad movie to review for tomorrow, but somehow it's just not up for that. Apparently Doctor Who takes less brain power than a bad movie (review). Don't you ever repeat those words back to me. Ever. I will snap people. Speaking of which, though, I'm trying to get Parker (and me) caught up on season 2 of the new series (of Doctor Who; I keep for

A deliciously over-melodramatic reckoning.

So, I'm about to call the sponsor. See, I was running on pure self-will yesterday and ended up playing recluse almost all day. Besides not picking up my paycheck, this meant I didn't to my therapy appointment or meet with my sponsor. Nor did I let either person know I was breaking that commitment. I'm a grownup. So anyways, calling the sponsor in a few minutes. { Hums a funeral march, maybe Chopin or Beethoven .} Of course it's not (likely to be) that serious. I "know" this. But you must realize the way my diseased little brain works.


I should have gotten coffee before starting this post. My brain is dead. And i'm staring at a pair of thumbtacks sitting on my monitor's stand pointing at eachother with a piece of cat fluff behind them, and for some reason I can't get those buggers out of my head. Even long enough to come up with a decent title. It's been a weird week. Someday I'll get annoyed with myself for how often I say that. It's like some excuse to avoid having to actually describe my week, even when I know I invariably will. In and out and in and out and in and out--it's just like sex. I started noticing this week's off-ness when the same people would ask how I was doing, and I'd answer with the same stuff as I had last week. And we're not talking, like, I'd just gotten a habit of saying "the usual" in the past week; no, we're talking more I'm still facing the same problems I was last week  without having moved forward on any of them, really.

Post #100!

Holy shit, guys, who'd'a thunk I'd make it this far or this long? Well this post's a grab-bag of goodies, yessir it is. Glasses , birthdays , new look & feel , and even an amusing story ! and possibly even more !

Oh no.... (The Gate, 1987)

Yes, another bad movie that isn't actually all that bad. The Gate is still cheesy, and more than a little stupid at points, but it works hard to compensate with good effects and modest acting and lotsa not-quite-weird shit. Basically it's a pseudo horror with some hilarious bits thrown in. "I'm worried my mouth may be small & inadequate..." I'm actually a bit frustrated by its lack of awfulnesses. Sure, it's got some good good opportunity make funny happen, but it doesn't exactly serve itself up for heckling. All the same, several characters have potential—by virtue of being annoying and recurring—to make for some good running jokes. I'm sure that , as with some other movies I've reviewed, a good crew of hecklers could do a real number on this one . Most rewarding of all, though, are those few scenes that are just too fucking funny. If you're willing to put up with a modest horror movie that doesn't quite make for easy l