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The return of Twitter, and other things.

What a weird, almost dissociative weekend. Rocky, floorset, and angst, and no twitter to joke/complain about it on. How the fuck did I survive that?

Well, good news is my twitter's no longer suspended! That was an awful 4 or 6 days, guys. Don't ever take your twitter for granted. It's more important to you than you know, and you won't have anyone to tell that to (well, no one who'll care half as much as the twitterverse).

Rocky was pretty badass, guys. I MC'd Friday night--and did fabulously :) Apparently I went on for 25 minutes, but neither I nor my cohosts remember it that way, which is just plain weird. Oh well, I had fun and did great and if I went on too long I'll just have to be quicker in the future. No biggie :)

I also held the house left spotlight and played Crim, and pretty typical and fun combination as far as I'm concerned. I hadn't played Crim in a while though. Good times :)

Saturday I was dropped in as a Tranny/prop person. Jesus. That was crazy. I can't remember ever playing Tranny before; I haven't done props since last October or September, and things've changed muchly since back then.

Still, did my best to haul ass. With the exception of missing a few striking cues and tripping on & thus pulling off the black sheet hiding the transducer, I think I actually did pretty well at it.

That's the hindsight appraisal, mind you. I was convinced--especially after unveiling the transducer much too soon--that I was going to get yelled at. That it was only a matter of time or crap. I was already in a surly enough mood, I guess, without that to sour things further. I'm pretty sure I had my kill face on when was by myself/taking shit back to the prop room. Of course, I was still wearing my tranny eye makeup so I prolly looked more hilarious than terrifying, but it's the thought that counts.

Well, no one yelled at me. In fact, everyone thought the show went rather well. ... Really? I mean, I'm cool with that. Just expected more lashings.

I did floorset Sunday, which was pretty ballin. I mostly focused on clearance (which I love almost as much as floorsets generally, which I love almost as much as processing shipment) and it was pretty ballin. Of course, it had rained so our bikes were decidedly too uncomfortable for us to bike home on. So after Parker and I grabbed some donuts at Dunkin with our coworker Alfonso, we walked home. It wasn't too awful, but still. Grr. Sigh.

Yesterday...kind of...didn't exist. It was kinda weird, but yeah. They didn't need me for shipment, so it turned into a pajama day (no ADD meds = sleepylots). I think I actually kinda needed that. A bit of bounce-back time to recover or stuff. Mmm.

Anyway, I needa get on with life for the day. Remind me to write stuff later.


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