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Double Boosh!

Another youtube update! Holy WHAT!? I know, right? I haven't uploaded to youtube in about 2 years it feels and all of a sudden--DOUBLE BOOSH. 2 videos in the same week, man. F'ing nuts. Meanwhile, here's the video from yesterday: I've actually more or less figured out which poem to read, but I'll gladly still take suggestions :) The choices are Walt Whitman's " From Pent-Up Aching Rivers " T.S. Eliot's " The Hollow Men " W.H. Auden's " The Letter " (actually, I could be possibly persuaded to read "The More Loving One" if anyone actually asks for it...) I'll print it out and start markerizing it up today and maybe have something out sometime tomorrow....? 0.o It's a scary thought, frankly. I'm still kind of amazed that not only did I upload something to my youtube twice in one week but that I actually edited this second one. Crazy, yeh? It's a testament to how far I'v


POETRY. It rocks. I posted a video on youtube about my poetry-reading-ambitions , and in that video I linked here (and to the post I just linked to), and now I'm embedding the video here.   Is anyone else reminded of, like, a social networking orgy scene of some sort? But seriously, I'm actually pretty excited about posting my poetry on my youtube. It's something I've kinda wanted to do for a long time, and I guess I finally found the balls to try it. I might even upload something later today or tomorrow. It'll almost certainly be something by someone else and mostly for practice. I'm thinking either Walt Whitman's " From Pent-Up Aching Rivers ", T.S. Eliot's " The Hollow Men ", or shortest of all W.H. Auden's " The Letter ".

Killin' time.

No, I'm not here to slaughter you, your family, or your eyes with this post. But maybe your family's eyes. Hm. I just needa kill some time before calling my job back to see if they need me for my call in. Apparently the line is busy. Gasp! Other people! Using my job's phone! BLASPHEMY! In other news, this lady made my day yesterday. I was signing her up for an AERewards card, and she marveled at how fast I was typing. Like a good couple times. And then she asked, "Are you are writer or something??" To which I beamed, "Why, yes I am." Then added, "I also use a typewriter for drafting." She gasped at this. Apparently I brought back some PTSD type memories of writing term papers on typewriters back in the 19__'s. Still though, it was pretty awesome :D

That mother-effing song.

You know, I actually got the chorus to "Walk like a Dinosaur" stuck in my head yesterday morning. I was about to cut bitches. Or walk like a dinosaur. Either way, it wouldn't've been pretty. As I was previewing my earlier post, though, I saw that one of my bad movie resources, Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies, posted a recent review of  Track Of The Moonbeast , which I'd seen on MST3k years ago and always loved. What got me though was the title of the review: " Track of the Moon Beast (1976), Or Stalk Like A Dinosaur ". I'm dangerously close to getting that song stuck in my head again, but god damn if I didn't laugh my ass off when I read that.


Of sorts, I suppose. I wonder if anyone else is as tired of my saying/blogging things like "I've been a bit down recently..." or "I haven't been doing as much ___ recently" or "I'm not sure what's the matter...". Hmwell. It's true, though; I've been malaisey the last week or so. One weird thing is, if intermittently, I've been  actually working on that whole loan consolidation I've mentioned needing to do for the last year. Like, I'd say the forms are  actually about 80% done. It's probably still contributed to the recent downiness. Forms--for all their eventual straightforwardness--can outright overwhelm me conceptually. All the various bits that need knowing & doing. Not to mention it reminds me of this whole sticky mess of debt I've got, which, despite this consolidation putting some serious & badly needed reins on, still feels out of control and terrifying. So, naturally, instead of workin

Fun Times.

So I hosted the pre-show for Rocky Horror last night; it's honestly about as much fun as I can hope for in any given week. And I mean that awesomely--I love MC'ing Rocky. I love interacting with the audience--doing whatever I can to get them pumped and excited. I love teasing them, making dirty jokes, and otherwise putting them in a dirty, humorous time. I think a good pre-show is every bit as important as a good shadow-performance or call lines. If the pre-show sucks or drags or doesn't engage the audience, why should they get excited about the movie? Plus, it's when all the really memorable stuff happens--like Virgin Games. Mmm...I love me some virgin games. Right now we're/I'm fiddling around with a new one. We half stole it from a neighboring crew, SM (Satanic Mechanics), but I've mod'd it a bit. Originally we'd pick a few virgins and give them some span of time to assume some creative sex position and give it a name. In the interest o

Whoa, I'm alive.

It's, like, been a month or stuff, hasn't it? Things were middley for a bit but now the going's getting good. I hardly understand where these funks of mine come from, but they can be f'ing sneaky. I think I was, as usual, feeling left out, unsatisfied, and stuck. That's pretty typical or me I guess. Thing is that funkness isn't the whole reason I wasn't posting. Things got kinda hectic somehow. Like, I was doin' a lot of hardcore stuff at work and rushin' around, and what freetime was left was absorbed by the funk, Pokémon, and the odd proactive thing. Muchly weird. But onto the gooder stuff! So I finally got my resume together. Thank fucking Jesus. My sponse is looking it over but I feel it's overall so much better than my previous ones. It certainly helps that now I can say stuff like "totally rocks at American Eagle". Last week Parker, Kial, and I all went to see Finding Nemo in Wheaton Plaza and then Lifeforce at the AFI