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How I roll.

So I had an interesting Valentines afterall. There was even a date in there, of sorts.

Such a romantic. Erm, literally?
Work was kinda ridiculous. Remember, I sell fragrance. Perfume. Evidently that's what people love getting eachother on Valentines because it was nutty Monday and insane yesterday. But I was dressed sharp and on the ball all day.

It was, I'll point out, a Tuesday. I recently stole my friend's idea decided to make Tuesdays "Bow Tie Tuesdays". Having recently taught myself to tie said ties, I was down for it. Of course, being a holiday, I had to dress up more than usual (which is kind of saying something), so out came the three piece suit and pocket watch and shoe polish.

It was, as was to be expected, busy. I made bank, dawg. I was everywhere and ringing everything--and, even with almost all my coworkers there at once, I still pulled in a sweet 4 grand or so, which means about $130 of comission. In one day.

That's a lot of bow ties.

I'd met a pretty cool guy on okcupid not so long ago; we'd had a lunch date and it went smashingly. He's a sweetie and a law student and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Calvin & Hobbes. That's kinda dope, yo.

So we inadvertently scheduled our second date for last night. I half remembered what day it was (no, really!?) and thought I'd be dorky. So I grabbed one the "Happy Valentines Day!" Hershey bars a fragrance vendor had been giving out and when I met up with my date, I presented Noah with some Valentines chocolate. Because a Hershey bar is so suavely romantic. XD

We were going to go to a cheap/awesome Thai place near my work but it was, well, Valentines. And, as we discovered, everyone and their mother/wife were going out to dinner. The place was packed. Really packed.

So we combined Part B of the night with an alternative to create a pretty rockin' Plan B for the evening. We went back to my place, ordered pizza, and queued up some Ally McBeal. I'd recently been craving revisiting that show and talked him into it fairly easily. So we made an Ally McBeal pizza party out of it. So romantic.

But that's just how I roll.

Oddly enough, yesterday did bring up some queasiness of the heart. I could tell my date, was feeling very snuggly--we snuggled all through Ally, afterall. I even got the feeling he wanted to kiss--especially as we said our goodbyes at the end of the night. But that's not what made my heart quease, not exactly anyway.

I don't really know what I want right now. It's confronted me a lot recently, and it's continued troubling my mind. Do I want someone to date, steadily or otherwise? Or do I want lots of sex? Or do I want both? Is it ok to make out and fool around with someone I definitely like while still unsure how I feel, generally and otherwise, for the sake of fooling around with someone? Is that fair?

I'm not sure. he's a cool guy, definitely. A bit neurotic but kinda adorably, and very sweet. Also, wonderfully smart. Cute, too. But did I want to give him a romantic Valentine's Day kiss? I'm not sure. We had a lovely evening, and had fun with Ally and pizza and Marcel. But afterwards, the same unanswered uneasiness surfaced. And I felt a bit bad that I'd held back--especially because I still wasn't sure why.

This is the other (other) side of how I roll: over-analytically. I coulda prolly gotten some play outta this guy if I were that type of person, but instead I'm evidently too ethical for that. Or too confused. I didn't let it ruin my evening, at least; I just hope he had a good time all the same, too.

So it looks like I've got some figuring out to do; or maybe just some loosening up. Either way, it was ultimately a great Valentine's Day. In fact, the best I can remember in a long while.


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