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Grownuppy things.

Today I am officially (credit card) debt free! The balance on my long-expired BofA card is at -$6, actually. So now they owe me. Yippee! But there are other grownuppy things mingling about this morning.... There are of course some of the many irresponsible distractions skulking about, too. I just went on a 5 - 10 minute facebook diversion, followed by a 5 minute music decisioning bit (I actually call that more of a neutral player as I think we can all agree that now and then life is no good without the appropriate soundtrack). There is of course blogging this post, too, but it's a necessary sacrifice of inertia as I haven't been blogging much of anything lately. It might even focus me some. One tricky thing, though, is despite this rare urge to confront things like mounds of paperwork & filing, tidying & cleaning, workouts & self grooming, and such, it's kind of a listless  sort of urge at this point. Almost a restlessness--a responsible  restlessness,

Totally not a pyramid scheme.

But it kinda is--but don't worry cuz it totally isn't! It's called  network marketing , see?? Oy. So I spent about three hours of my day off yesterday participating in a group interview for this job offer I got. Of all the job offers I've gotten on the salesfloor at Macy's, the one I actually followed up ended up the skeeviest. Thanks, life. This guy explained through his life story, two presentations, and a otherwise info-overloading how we could make a ton of money, and what a no brainer! 'Of course we don't need to hear about any specific products (it's patented NDS technology and 30 day money back guarantee sell itself!!!), but obviously we do have a product because that's what makes us legal. Oh, btw, buy our product then get people to sign up with you. Power of two!!!' Between all the info-overload, the buzzwords, and stats and the bit about buying in and recruiting more "business partners"...I didn't quite feel at eas

Wibbly wobbly, bikey wikey.

So I've been biking to work again. As I realized this week, I could  have been again for a while, but was prolly just too pussy/lazy. Lame. Meanwhile, I rediscovered my saddle-bag-like-bike-attachy-bag thing. You know those things. Yeah. Anyway, it's waterproof. And big enough to pack an entire change of clothes and then some. So basically if I suit up with a light raincoat, my bag-thing, and push off on rainy days like today, I can still get to work and burn some calories and feel good and change and be awesome. That's pretty cool, right? What's also nice about the bag thing is, since it's not slung over my shoulder but hooked to the side of my bike, it's not throwing off my weight as much. For realz. I've discovered I can do all the wibbly wobbly things again, like leaning into turns and directing the bike with my abs/lower body. It's really cool! It also feels so much nicer than those heavy ass bags giving me all kindsa back aches. Mhm. Anyway

Losing it.

Besides the obvious and infuriating irony of the situation , I think part of why losing my wallet upset me as much as it did was due to my long, frustrating habit of losing things. Usually at bad times. Or so my brain tells me. It probably comes as no surprise that I'm a bit absent-minded, harebrained even. A nutty professor type (crossed with strains of Hunter S. Thompson and Joan Didion, or so I console myself). That I lose things--lots--is just part of my shtick. But it's really fucking annoying most of the time. Recently I've lost three-ish things that were of moderate to significant importance to me, the aforeblogged wallet my housekeys (which also had a copy of my bike key and the little scanny thing for the gym) my bike light (that thing was badass). Sigh. It's just frustrating. And sucky. And it keeps happening. I wonder if it's a problem of personal organization? Or stuff? Probably. But that would prolly require some organization on my part to g

Couldn't be less pleased.

Well, that's an exaggeration, but it's in the name mildly ironic play on words necessitated by a lack of anything cleverer. Totally. So I got asked on a really lovely date for last night. Nothing too crazy. Just grabbing gelato in Chinatown and walking the National Mall. Kinda sweet, really; certainly a lovely way to meet and get to know someone, yeah? But I'd lost my wallet. Of course, I'm too proud/unsmart to think to ask someone to lend me cash (like, 3 different people all said they would've), and of course I look everywhere. So I got to look kind like a lameass. I mean the guy seems to be pretty understanding but...still. I feel  like a jerk all the same. What sucked was I couldn't even buy myself a pizza to console myself! How unfair is that!? You know, in a totally it-was-prolly-for-the-best-you-didn't-you-fat-asshole kinda way. But then I found it. I found my damn wallet. In my gymbag. In the pocket I normally would have put it

Why would I want to date Ann Coulter?

So many things wrong with that. I mean I know she has a penis but I doubt I'd want to touch it. (score one for suggesting 'strong' women are actually men! >.<) Point is, I'm gay, and evidently liberal, also ostensibly frontal-lobe capable, so it's an absurd suggestion. And yet some ad-bot seems to think otherwise. Clearly, she's in a fairly weak disguise on the right.  As I was browsing and replying to some hot guys on OKcupid, the adslot on the right was trying to hook me up with some hot local singles! Except they were girls. (Clearly, the adbot is under Coulter's influence!) I wasn't really paying any attention (as is often the case with anything that has boobs) until one face caught my eye--Coulter badly disguised as a glossy lipped, dark haired harlot!! Supposedly these adbots are supposed to stalk your interests and deliver enticingly relevant goodies you can't help but click. Right? So while I suppose it's on track with offer

Bow ties are cool.

A good several weeks ago I plagiarized/stole/otherwise made off with a rather brilliant idea from a friend of mine : He had inherited a couple of bow ties along with a bunch of neck ties when he came to DC to work as a senate aide, so since he didn't have enough to wear one every  day he declared Bow Tie Tuesdays. So now, every Tuesday I work at Macy's, I wear bow ties. Sometimes suspenders, too. It's kinda pretty much awesome. I have about 4 bow ties now (purple+polkadot, black, orangeblacksilver plaid, and black&white plaid) and they rock. It's funny, people see you/me with a bow tie and assume that a) it's a thing or b) you're awesome. I'm okay with either of those conclusions because both are obviously true. So: Everyone: wear a bow tie today if you can. Preferably one you tie yourself (don't be a poser), and preferably a cool one (redundant!). Let's make Bow Tie Tuesday a thing!

I should blog more.

There are many things I should do more of. Laundry. Poetry. Cleaning my cat's litterbox (but who really wants  to?). I feel like lately I've devoted a lot of time to blogging about things I should be doing more of (including, of course, blogging.) There's some disconnect, unsurprisingly enough, as, despite all the times I've written about needing to do stuff more, I never really seem to. /obviousness. It's prolly something worth figuring out--getting myself into action more. Being less grandiose & sweeping might help, now that I think about it. I usually make these comprehensive-ish plans that sound all good and thorough and reasonable....yet still fall through. Like that whole getting up in the morning to bike to the gym before work? Hasn't really happened. Maybe I should break it up--get into getting up at 6something and staying  up. Start off catching the bus or something a few times until I'm used to/value the routine of going to the gym enough t

Been a while, nyeh?

It feels like a cop out saying this, but I guess I got busy? Thing is I can't exactly  say what I was so busy with--work, dating, relaxing, or miscellaneous. I do that though. You give me free time, I expend it randomly but thoroughly. It sucks that there have been some interesting things in the news or articles I've read that I wanted to comment on but never got around to. I guess I'll see if any are still viable relevance-wise. Honestly, nothing too serious seems to have happened. Maybe that's why I wasn't blogging--nothing to blog about. (Plus laziness; the fewer juicy, angsty, or otherwise intriguing things that happen the less my posts write themselves.) A lot of the stressy credit card stuff at work has lifted (I still need credit but I'm less worried about it). Basically, I have a better grasp of its relevance while also playing to my strengths...and stuff. Oh well, this post sucked, I'll try to post something useful/relevant/interesting later

Too easily forgotten.

I don't really want to get caught up in the Google Privacy Policy fray because a) flamey controversy sets my teeth on edge and b) so much of it sounds like self-interested competitors and self-interested media-holes putting spins of various sort for either profit or attention and c), as far as I can tell, I don't much care. Maybe it's because I'm such a millenial; the internet is my home. All the same, if you're not totally caught up on it here's a Slate article explaining the big problems with and some possible solutions for Google's Privacy Policy. I generally like Slate for most things interesting, though I would point out some irks I find in the article. But mainly I want to point out some different perspectives on this--my own, at the least--to maybe lend some depth to the discussion. Fat chance, but it's all I've got to say. For one, I personally have more than one google account, one for porniness, one for everything else; I also ha

No sturm, no drang.

I don't want you getting the wrong idea, of course. Yes, last night's post was probably angstier than necessary, but really I'm fine. Considering how much worse I could have bitched & angsted (and, in the past, have been known to), it was a pretty mellow post. I usually avoid too much angst--and certainly too much finger pointing--as it rarely helps. It usually only ends up making me look whiney and lame. Not sexy. The title referred to that--that the post could have been so much worse. It also referred to the fact this guy was a pretty good find--heartening evidence that there are good guys out there I get along with. It may not have worked out quite to my liking, but frankly, it was still kinda a win. I think what really had me more upset was that I didnt' need to feel so upset and knew as much but still felt upset somehow. Besides being counterproductive, I knew feeling so frustrated was largely unwarranted. And yet my emotional mind often wins over my other