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The Move, p. 1.

So today is the big day. Well, one of them. But it's the first one! So that's still a big deal.

I love how I call this "The Move" as though it's the first and last time I'll ever move. Of course it isn't the first; though it could be the last--maybe I'll just keep renting this house forever. Meh, not so likely. But as my dad pointed out last night, this is possibly the biggest move I've made yet. It's more or less the "There's no going back" move.


For those of you who don't know, I'm moving out to College Park, right next to campus (4 min bike ride from the center of campus, 20 min walk) for dirt cheap.

As I said to my roommate when I gave her the key, "It's a shithole, but it's our shithole now."

And it's actually not that bad. There are things I poke fun at--the obviously ancient overhead lighting that's likely older than the house itself, always a source of bemusement for me--but as a whole it's a solid little house. A house. With a yard--front and back. And my own room--decently sized, too, at about 11' x 12'. And we're taking Marcel with us; obviously we're taking Marcel with us. That cat deserves free reign and constant love. Seriously.

Honestly, I can hardly wait to get settled in. Of course that won't be fully actualized until late next week at earliest, but still. Being able to kick back with my cat and a book or a game or even homework, in my own space; being able to meander over to campus for class or socializing with ease; even coming home exhausted from work or school ready to pass the fuck out but knowing I still have at least an hour or two before I can sleep. Feeling like a grownup. Yeah....

Of course, in time, those will become all the things I hate most. But, until then at least, I'm excited.

I've had some taste of it the last week or so. I'v been holed up to various degrees as I recover with Marcel at my side, enjoying a(n extended) moment of relaxation with either a book or a video game or a youtube. Of course it's not as gratifying yet--it's not like I'm coming home from work or school to my own little space and my own little responsibilities--but it's been nice.

So today.

Today, Parker comes over and helps me load up all the small stuff. Books, clothes, lamps, drawers--all the things that can fit in my parents' car. Then we haul it over to the new house in as many trips as it takes so that all that we have left tomorrow is the furniture. For that, I've mobilized a small army. It should be hopefully painless. I'll be in contact with most of them today, confirming and coordinating.

Then over the next several days I'll be between homes. I have my post-op appointment Monday and things like internet and my new computer monitor won't be set up/arrive until around Thursday. I may not be able to push and pull heavy things by that point, either, so it may be a state of disarray for a bit.

But, dude. It will be mine. My space. My home. My friends and things and cat and all, under one roof. My roof. It's gonna be awesome, I just have to keep working hard to continue earning it, to continue living the dream I've had for half a decade--finally realized.

It's gonna be good, it's gonna be great. But this is just day one. Oh boy, the fun we'll have.


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