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A little expectoration.

One of my new goals now that I have a real job is spending more time writing and such. Other things include, of course, such mandated activities as working out and going out, but those should be obvious given my demographics (young[ish], gay male, etc.). But writing is something different; it was one of my firsts loves, an early passion. And it still means a lot to me, even if papers for school represent most of my recent writerly output. So, in the interest of writing more, I might as well try going back to where it all began--blogging. I'd like to think that's where I really got a taste of writing and began honing my skills. That being said, it was also a place where I vented a lot of inappropriate stuff. Either letting loose a volley of unwarranted hostility or sharing things that weren't my business to be sharing or simply lacking the discretion to cover my own ass and stay out of trouble. I was a mess back through most of that; I was something crazy--and it showed.