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Quitting is hard.

But let's see if it sticks. I've decided to quit smoking—I even got the patch and everything—but it's been difficult. Besides the usual "wanting a cigarette like all the time" stuff, today I'm feeling roughed up with irritability. What I'm not sure of is whether it's just my usual (high) level of irritability mixed with stupid, frustrating circumstances or whether it really is withdrawal irritability crossed with my usual (high) irritability mixed with stupid, frustrating circumstances. I'm thinking (read: hoping) it's the latter. Cuz it's bad today. I'm waiting in a library for Anthony; we're supposed to work on our writing—he, on his novel; I, on my short story —but my brain is too jazzed with the irritables to get anything done. Whence the decision to blog. I can't say this has gotten me anywhere (I'm certainly no nearer, I feel, to writing-writing), but, um, yay? In other news, I finally caved and bought a Nin