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I found a boyfriend.

Or he found me. Apparently, I sent the first message, but either way, I've ended up with a boyfriend. And it's turned out pretty amazing. A goodly several months ago, I was entering a "Let's be a slut!" phase in my life when I met this guy on Grindr. I was talking to several guys (cf: slut phase), but he was neat—cute, good conversation, and so forth. I wasn't sure where things would go or where I wanted them to go or what I expected, but I kept chatting with him because he was interesting. Worst case, I reasoned, he seemed like he'd make for a pretty neat friend. One day, my boss decided our department should go out to grab Italian ice at a place near our office; unfortunately, a last-minute meeting cropped up, so the outing was canceled. But I still wanted Italian ice. And I had the next day off, and that one particular guy I'd been talking to, Anthony, had the afternoon free from work. He'd also never had Italian ice. So I decided we'